Saturday, April 11, 2009

Travis Thompson's Talk at Eastern Psychological Association, March, 2009, Pittsburgh

II hadn't seen or had contact with Travis in several years, so I was very eager to hear his talk. This year he delivered the FRED KELLER DISTINGUISHED LECTURE. His title was AUTISM: BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS, NEUROSCIENCE & GENETICS. The abstract in the program read:

"Autism subtypes are differentially amenable to significant improvements through behavioral
intervention. Intensive Early Behavior Therapy based on principles of applied behavior analysis, enables approximately half of children with autism to function similar to their peers. Growing evidence implicates defects in synaptogenesis as one cause of autism. Activity-dependent genes appear to be activated through intensive engagement of brain structures known to be dysfunctional in autism, resulting inincreased synapse formation."

We were able to chat briefly before and after and catch up on personal news. I also got links to Travis' website:

and his Blog:

Lots of great information on both of these.

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  1. Doctor Vietze! So glad to have discovered your blog! Can't wait to read through it!